Looking for Learning

An alternative approach to Teacher Observation and another great way to measure improvement. Learn how to build a strong learning focused culture.

Time: 9:30am - 11:30am

Date: Friday 15 March 2024

Format: Online workshop, no recording available

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We are often looking for ways we can measure improvement and to create a strong learning focused culture. Traditional ways to look at teacher observation are often focused around making judgments about the teacher rather than considering the learning that is occurring. Words like ‘feedback’ imply I am the expert and I will give you advice about how you could be a better teacher. This can make teachers feel nervous and lead to experiences being ‘set up’. They hope this will make them regarded as a ‘good’ teacher rather than have authentic professional dialogue.

The ‘Looking for Learning’ approach creates a framework for coaching conversations about learning that is occurring using a series of prompts. ‘Looking for Learning’ visits can be scheduled regularly with a peer. Over time these visits can then be evaluated to look for common aspects and ideas for future improvement. Changing the lens from a learning conversation as opposed to making a judgment has proven to be a useful tool for creating a stronger learning focused culture. In this workshop we will explore this approach and how you might adapt a similar approach for your context.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn about the “Looking for Learning’ approach in order to create a trusting collaborative way to engage in coaching conversations to discuss and improve children’s learning.
  • Consider the difference between feedback and a learning conversation
  • Have another useful tool which helps measure improvement.
  • Consider how this approach can be integrated into your PGC and the Educational Leadership Capability Framework.

Facilitator: Melody Stuckey

This workshop will not be recorded, however all registrants will receive a copy of the presentation slides.

About the presenter

Melody Stuckey

My Educational Leadership comes from a diverse perspective due to the privilege of working at governance, management and at tertiary level.

I also come with international experience and was a Head of School for Dulwich College International for 10 years.

After returning to New Zealand 7 years ago, I moved into the role of National Coordinator for CECEAA (An Early Years Association). This position included organising and facilitating PLD across our member centres and was largely a support and guidance role.  More recently I was managing 3 early childhood centres in the Hawkes Bay.  

My current roles include being an ECE consultant for InterLEAD and I am also on the governing board for the Teaching Council. 

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