Incident Register

Make recording accidents and incidents easy with ECC's Incident Register. This pad with detachable carbon copy pages allows you to meet all requirements for child reporting and the Health and Safety in Employment Act.

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The ECC's Incident Register is a pad with detachable pages that is specifically designed to record all relevant and required incident information. It is tailored for early childhood education centres, offering a comprehensive and auditable record.

The Early Childhood Council, in conjunction with a Health and Safety Consultant, designed this Incident Register specifically for use in early childhood centres. The Register fulfills the child reporting requirements, as well as the requirements of the Health and Safety in Employment Act. The carbon copy forms are in duplicate, so that the top copy can be given to parents and the bottom copy kept for the centre’s records.

Incident Register/s will be dispatched to the address provided on purchase within 5-7 working days of payment being received

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