Pay and Conditions

Wages and Salaries Survey

Helping centres understand how ECE staff are being paid, and supporting employers and employees to understand which wages are fair and reasonable

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The Early Childhood Council (ECC) is committed to promoting high quality ECE in New Zealand. This begins with ensuring all our staff are being paid fairly and reasonable for the important work they do. Part of our approach is our annual survey which is sent out to Education and Care services, this excludes Kindergartens, Kōhanga Reo, Playcentre and home based centres.

Purpose of the Survey

The survey has been designed to help us better understand how ECE staff are being paid and to better help employers and employees understand which wages are fair and reasonable. The survey will compare the different wages and salaries of our ECE staff across different roles, based on region, qualifications and experience. It has been designed to provide a comprehensive outlook on how centres compare to others.

Privacy and Security

This survey does not identify private individual information for any children or staff at your service. We recognise the service-level data may be commercially sensitive. We commit to safeguarding your information and emphasise that it will be anonymised through the collection and all data . The data collected will only be used for the purpose described above. ECC's analysis will be the intellectual property of ECC.

Survey Results

A summary report of the results of this survey will be made available for all participants and a full report will be available for purchase. Participants will also be entitled to a discount off the full price of the report. No individual service will be made identifiable within the reports.