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New Zealand Childcare Finance Policyhub

Get informed and involved on upcoming policy updates, changes and submissions.

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Policyhub is ECC’s series of webinars designed to inform and invite feedback from centre managers about policy and regulatory updates which will affect you and your centre. Your feedback provides ECC with the important information we need for making submissions, advocating and setting priorities for the organisation.

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New Zealand Childcare Finance

Policyhub is brought to you by New Zealand Childcare Finance (NZCF). NZCF is the only finance company specialising exclusively in early childhood who’s owner-operators have owned and worked in their own childcare centres. We understand what you go through on a daily basis. NZCF holds a close 17-year preferred partner relationship with the Early Childhood Council.

Keen to get involved with Policyhubs?

Policyhub webinars are available to ECC members only. Join today and make your voice heard on important consultations and submissions.