Wages and Salaries Survey 2023 Full Report

An independent and comprehensive review of wages and salaries for all roles within the ECE sector.


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The Early Childhood Council’s Full Report on the 2023 Wages and Salaries Survey is now available. The survey received responses from 353 employers with 4,128 staff from across New Zealand’s centre-based education and care sector. This covers all roles including management, teachers, administrators, cooks and other support staff.

The information contained within the Full Report can help you make informed decisions about pay, whether you are a business owner/manager looking to set competitive wages, or an employee looking to negotiate better pay. As a business owner, it can also help you identify any issues which may be affecting staff attraction and retention. The analysis also includes other benefits and discounts staff receive.

The Full Report offers ECC’s insights and analysis of the current state of the sector and the effects of Pay Parity and Extended Pay Parity on the centre-based ECE workforce.

Some key findings you will see included in the full report:

  • Uncertificated teachers’ wages have increased in the last year, but unlike administrator or cook wages, still haven’t quite managed to keep pace up with inflation.
  • While certificated teachers’ average wages have significantly increased on 2022 levels, the wages of certificated teachers with less than four years’ experience have barely moved and the pay gap between certificated teachers and centre managers is decreasing.
  • Data showing that challenges with teacher retention and recruitment are top of mind for centres sit alongside a significant increase in respondents’ confidence levels about continuing to operate a licensed ECE centre in the next 12 months.

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