Planning, Finance, and Marketing

Financial Management

Understanding your centre's finances and making smart decisions about money can help you keep your centre financially strong.

Keeping your centre's finances on track

Finance is about managing your money — knowing what’s coming in and going out.

The key tools and reports to manage your finances are: cash flow, budget, profit and loss statement, and your balance sheet.

By understanding your business finances, you can make smart decisions about where to spend your money and make sure you’re earning enough to keep your centre running.

A big part of managing your finances is having visibility of what’s going on in your centre business.

Our templates will support the budgeting process and financial management of your ECE centre.

Member-only resources

Below is a sample of resources available free to members. Members can log in to the Member Portal to see the full list of templates, guidelines and other resources.

  • Budget example
  • Financial Self-Review – Community-owned ECE Centre
  • Financial Self-Review – Privately-owned ECE Centre