ECC Webinar: Pay Parity Opt In or Opt Out?

Covering the latest analysis on opt in/out rates, recent funding changes and strategies to ensure your centre is in the best possible position.

Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Date: Wednesday 22 May 2024

Format: Zoom webinar, recording available

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Join Simon Laube (ECC CEO) and Lonnie Parker (ECC Treasurer and management consultant) for the next, must-see, webinar for owners and managers considering or reconsidering Pay Parity.

Find out the latest information on the centres that have opted-in to Full Pay Parity (and other options). Where does your centre fit now based on what everyone else is doing? How many centres are closing and what is the best option for centres where Full Parity may work (for now).

It has not been disputed by the Ministry of Education that there is a funding gap between the increased salary costs some employers will face and the ECE funding that accompanies pay parity. It remains essential for centres’ to consider their funding option very carefully.

The Ministry’s inaccurate and incomplete data on service level experience and qualifications for our teachers helped lead to this problem. Not all services are affected. Centres with predominantly highly experienced teachers are likely to be impacted worst, and centres with low occupancy will be more vulnerable to the impacts.

If you allow your centre to stay on the wrong Pay Parity funding option for too long then you could put your service’s survival at risk, and this is not something teachers want either.

In this session we will cover the following:

  • Analysis of where all Education & Care services are at currently in terms of pay parity funding options, and centre closures
  • Any recent funding rate changes
  • EC20a form and how to use it
  • Discuss the available strategies that members are taking when opting-in to Pay Parity
  • Restructures and managing opt-out processes

Participants will receive:

  • ECC Pay Parity Calculator Version 7.1
  • Presentation slides
  • A recording of the webinar
  • Any written questions & answers from the live webinar
About the presenter

Simon Laube

Simon has a background in public policy and joined ECC from the public service where he held various roles in the Ministry of Education including: early learning, partnership schools kura hourua/charter schools; and the NCEA review; he also completed secondments at the Ministry of Health, and in the Office of the Minister of Education (four years).

Simon understands how government works and knows how to influence government to get better results, while being personally committed to improving public services so children and families can get the education they need.

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  • $350 for non members

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