Creating a Vision for Your Centre, Business and Self (cancelled)

Take your business to the next level by creating a vision to help keep you motivated and inspired to succeed.

This event has been cancelled. We are planning to announce a rescheduled date shortly.

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This Professional Development Masterclass provides the opportunity to work on your business – not in it. To take your visionary leadership skills and ability to inspire and motivate your people up to a whole new level!

It will help you to understand the power creating a Vision for your centre, business, and yourself. And how a shared vision, can translate to better results (collectively within our workplaces). Invest some time for creative thinking, reflection on what really matters and creating a more resilient future for your people and your business!

Designed to be interactive, and fun, you will spend focussed time learning proven strategies for writing a Vision, and then creating one, for your life and then centre. You may also choose to begin creating a Vision board* for your centre or business. You’ll leave with more clarity on what inspires and motivates YOU! And with the skills to create resources that you can share with your team, parents, children and stakeholders to inspire and motivate them too!  

Key learning outcomes:

  • Take time out to work on your business, not in your business!
  • Focus on what inspires and motivates you, so you can shine as a leader
  • Learn how a compelling vision can drive motivation and greater business success
  • Create an inspirational written vision or vision board for your business
  • Create resources that you can share at your team meetings to inspire your people

*There will be options for those who prefer to focus on a written vision and those who wish to create a vision board.

This workshop will be recorded and slides made available to all registrants.

SPECIAL OFFER: The first 12 registrants will have the opportunity to book a 30 minute free no obligations coaching session with Vicky Evans. Register now and make sure you select the ticket at checkout!

About the presenter

Vicky Evans

With over 25 years professional experience, Vicky is a Certified Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Facilitator, and founder of Coaching Solutions Ltd. Her work as a professional and executive coach, speaker and facilitator focuses on enabling confidence, productivity and success using proven strategies tailored to serve individuals or groups. Sometimes known as a kick ass cheerleader, Vicky asks hard questions and helps her clients move beyond their comfort zones. She provides accountability, encouragement, and support and works alongside her private and professional clients to create richer, more satisfying, and purposeful lives.