Licensing Criteria

Health and Safety

Policy and procedure templates to help your centre follow best-practice Health and Safety guidelines, and comply with regulatory licensing criteria

Health and Safety standards and compliance

The health and safety practices standard requires that every licensed service provider take all reasonable steps to promote the good health and safety of children enrolled in the service. Reasonable precautions must be taken to prevent accidents and the spread of infection among children and services have to ensure that the premises, facilities are kept in good repair and are safe to use.

The standards also require that all reasonable steps aretaken that procedures are in place to deal with fire, earthquakes and otheremergencies. The templates below are intended to help ECE centres meet their obligations under the Licensing Criteria.

Using our templates

When using a template, you will need to adapt it to reflect your individual centre’s circumstances. We strongly recommend involving your work team in discussions about adapting the templates.

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