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Pay Equity

The ECC provides up to date advice and representation to named employers in the Teachers’ Pay Equity Claim.

Teachers' Pay Equity Claim

Pay Equity ensures that all employees are paid fairly in reflection of their skills, responsibilities, effort and working conditions, and prohibits discrimination of pay based on gender. The Teachers’ Pay Equity Claim (the Claim) was raised by NZEI Te Rui Roa in 2020 and involves over 500 ECE employers operating both community and private services.

Employers named in the Claim can choose to be represented by a named party or to represent themselves; members receive ECC representation at no additional cost. Please visit the ECC member portal here for a comprehensive overview of Pay Equity, what roles are covered by the Claim, and employer obligations. You can also read the ECC’s most recent Pay Equity media release here.

As of April 2024, the Ministry of Education are working on the assessment phase of the Claim, which involves interviewing a random sample of teachers from the ECE sector. If the Ministry finds a gender-based discrimination, representative parties will negotiate a fair pay settlement for all employees covered by the Claim.

Want representation in the Claim?

ECC currently represent over 160 employers in the Teachers’ Pay Equity Claim. Please contact to find out more or click on the button below to join ECC today.  

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