Planning, Finance, and Marketing

Marketing your centre

Understanding your customers and authentically communicating about your centre's values and learning environment is key to long-term centre success.

Making it easy to reach your desired customers

Marketing is much more than promoting your centre, it’s knowing what message to deliver to your target customer: current whānau accessing your service, and future whānau who might want to access it.

It's thinking about what channels and methods you can use to communicate your message with your target customer to ensure is gets noticed and prompts a desired action.

It’s about shortening the distance between your service and your customer so that it's easier for them to engage with your centre than others.

The marketing plan is part of your annual business plan. It doesn't need to be long, but most marketing plans will include a number of elements, including:

  • Target customer description
  • Your marketing goals
  • Definition of the services(s) the centre is to provide
  • The pricing approach
  • How the service will be delivered to the customer
  • What messages about the service will be aimed at the target customer; how they will be delivered; and how their effectiveness will be measured
  • Which participation strategies will be used
  • Assessing the competition
  • The tactical plan (what to do, when, how, who does it)

Member-only resources

Below is a sample of resources available free to members. Members can log in to the Member Portal to see the full list of templates, guidelines and other resources.

  • Centre Marketing Plan template
  • Parent Satisfaction Survey template
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