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Rubiix Accountants

Rubiix has developed an accounting service package exclusively for ECE service providers and offers special pricing to ECC members. Their system is designed to improve the performance of your enterprise by giving you more time to focus on your core business, better information for decision making and improved compliance with MoE and IRD requirements.

More Information

Rubiix have been working with leading education providers in the ECE sector for many years and share a longstanding partnership with the Early Childhood Council. They understand the need to meet IRD and compliance requirements, and recognise that centre owners and managers want straightforward financial reporting systems that:

  1. provide reliable information which is accessible 24/7
  2. reduce time spent on business administration
  3. cut accounting fees
  4. drive better decision making to improve business performance

What does Rubiix offer ECC members?

  • 10% discount off your monthly fee for all annual accounting requirements.
  • Less chance of an IRD audit, because Rubiix ensure accurate tax compliance and the highest standards of financial reporting.
  • Savings of both time and money on annual ECE external audits and review through their connections in the industry.
  • Peace of mind that ECE requirements will be met and funding retained.
  • Work with ‘one version of the truth’ through Xero 24/7 online accounting system.

ECC - Rubiix Lunch'n'Learn webinars

Rubiix also sponsor ECC's Lunch n Learn webinar series, presenting free bite-sized informational webinars on topical issues.

More information here.

Exclusive to ECC members

Financial Advice Helpline

Our member can access up to 15 minutes of free financial advice through our financial advice helpline with Rubiix.

Simply call 0800 742 742 and select option 6.

Want to save with Rubiix?

Join ECC today to start saving on your accounting requirements and access the financial advice helpline.

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