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New Zealand Childcare Finance

Exclusive to ECC members, NZ Childcare Finance can bring forward up to 50% of your next bulk funding payment, so that you can use the funds to pay everyday expenses and wages before the due date.

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New Zealand Childcare Finance appreciate the financial pressures of running a successful ECE business and offer a unique solution to cash flow issues. With experience in both the ECE and banking sectors, Lena can help operators in their quest to provide the best care and education possible. The Early Childhood Council and New Zealand Childcare Finance have been partnered since 2005.

Exclusive to the early childhood sector, New Zealand Childcare Finance allows you to access your next bulk funding payment early. Funds when you need it most, with over 95% of applications approved.

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Need advance funding?

ECC members can loan up to 50% of their next bulk funding through New Zealand Childcare Finance.

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