Priority hearing for ECC Pay Parity legal action set for 19 and 20 July

06 April 2023

Early learning centres impacted by the government’s Pay Parity initiative will have their day in court in July.

The Early Childhood Council’s legal action against the government filed on 18 March 2022 has met the criteria for a priority hearing and is set down for 19 and 20 July in the Wellington High Court. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

The ECC is suing the government on grounds that the early learning teacher Pay Parity initiatives are inconsistent with the right to freedom from discrimination, in the Human Rights and New Zealand Bill of Rights Acts, and that the way the initiatives are funded are unreasonable and irrational under judicial review.

Pay Parity is the government’s initiative to close the pay gap between teachers in early learning and care centres and their colleagues in kindergartens, who have the same qualifications and experience, but are paid more.

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