National’s Family Boost policy offers quality early learning access to more children

05 March 2023

National’s Family Boost policy offers more children the education and social benefits of quality ECE, and will be a welcome relief for parents struggling to pay rising fees.

“More investment in early learning is fantastic for our tamariki and their families, even more so for children from disadvantaged backgrounds,” said Early Childhood Council CEO Simon Laube.

“This initiative would offer Auckland centres struggling after lockdowns and the summer’s weather events an urgently needed boost at re-engaging early learners in particular.”

Stimulating demand would help ECE providers struggling with the government’s Pay Parity policy which under-funds some centres, and upcoming un-funded minimum wage and recent migrant worker rates increases.

“For parents, this would be much more significant than last year’s childcare subsidy threshold changes and avoids any stigma about accessing social welfare support. For centres, it’s easy to administer as it doesn’t change centre funding as parents get this through a tax rebate,” said Simon Laube.

“The policy recognises that more children in ECE means more parents able to work, and more children getting their education off to a great start to build the capability of our future workforce.”

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