Our Objectives

The Early Childhood Council is an incorporated society governed by an elected executive representing the interests of owners and managers of independent early childhood education centres.

  • The ECC will keep its members informed, through regular newsletters, on matters related to impending legislation and regulation, interpreting policies of the Ministry of Education, industrial relations, and news as it relates to the early childhood education sector. It will provide an advisory support and referral service, organise conferences and local workshops, and offer ideas on how to improve and protect its members services.
  • The ECC will continue to develop resources that are useful to its members including standard forms, pamphlets, tools and templates (including employment contracts). It will endeavour to arrange member concessions and discounts.
  • The ECC will lobby and arrange meetings with top officials and decision-makers, make verbal and written submissions, carry out public relations campaigns, and co-ordinate with other organisations for the benefit of members on all issues in common.
  • The ECC will maintain contacts, expertise and resources to research matters of interest and provide information which will benefit members.
  • The ECC will encourage its members to support the national executive by assisting in publicity campaigns, working with regional networks, and feeding back information via surveys. It will provide expertise and voluntary help to develop and offer services.
  • The ECC will encourage members, management and their staff to seek additional and on-going training to increase their knowledge and/or gain further qualifications in early childhood care and education.This will include the provision of a regular schedule of professional development workshops for members and the hosting of an annual conference that includes a strong professional development component.

The Council will encourage centres to continually upgrade and improve their educational programmes and equipment and to surpass the minimum standards set by the Ministry of Education.