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For early learning services Kindello is a game-changer, offering a backend system that efficiently manages enquiries, processes bookings, and schedules visits. You can even link your website to Kindello, so all your enquiries flow seamlessly to one place. This allows you to focus on education and care while saving time and money.

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To make sure everyone can enjoy these benefits, Kindello listings are free to claim and use forever! If you want to get even more out of Kindello, ECC members receive a 20% discount off the subscription to Pro.

A Kindello Pro subscription supercharges your experience, with:

· More views, enquiries and bookings,

· Higher ranking in search results,

· Better listings,

· And access to exclusive features such as video and file sharing.

Since launching in 2022, Kindello has quickly become the leading early learning marketplace for parents all across New Zealand.

Join today to increase enrolments and reduce your admin! Visit the website to claim your free listing.


Introducing Kindello

Find more information on Kindello's offering and how they can help your centre increase enrolments.

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Become an ECC member today to get 20% off your monthly Pro subscription.

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