Early learning issues must be addressed in the open

18 November 2020

The Early Childhood Council is calling on everyone in early learning to raise any issues through appropriate channels, as it’s the most likely way they’ll be investigated and solved.

In the light of a range of issues raised anonymously in recent days, the ECC warns nothing can be done if they remain outside the system.

“I firmly believe we’re better than what we’ve heard in recent days, and call on anyone who’s struggling or wants to raise an issue to do so through the proper channels. You can’t solve anything when you don’t have the facts,” said ECC CEO Peter Reynolds.

“We have received a number of responses from Early Childhood Education providers critical of the generalised nature of this dated research, and the extent to which it fails to paint an accurate picture of the state of ECE in New Zealand.”

The ECC would like to see the sector work together to address concerns.

“Some of the language used to describe the early learning experience and structure is disappointing, perpetuates myths and damages our sector as a whole.”

“The vast majority of early learning providers in New Zealand are teacher-led, and it’s insulting to imply they’ve changed their values simply because their name is above the door.

“There are ample channels to raise concerns in early learning, publicly or anonymously.”

The ECC advises anyone working in the early learning sector that has concerns to first speak with their manager or the centre owner, or use channels like the Ministry of Education’s complaint service, Learning Support staff or the Education Council.

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