Show me the policy

07 August 2020

The Early Childhood Council is urging parties to release Early Childhood Education-specific policy ahead of the general election so voters have everything they need to cast an informed vote.

“It’s crucial the early learning sector is clear on every party’s ECE plans well before election day. We want a contest of ideas, but many of the teams haven’t showed up yet.”

“Our members are coping with issues on several fronts. We’re keen to see where parties stand on delivering a full review of ECE funding, teacher pay parity and regulation relief, as well as attracting children back post-lockdown and running a viable small business in the sector,” said ECC CEO Peter Reynolds.

The early learning community encompasses parents, teachers and owners who all want the best for the children they care for, and each other.

To date, only the Green Party, ACT and TOP have released ECE-specific policy for 2020.

The ECC will continue tracking ECE policy as it’s released, and will keep their members informed.

“Like everyone, our sector is heading into unknown territory post-COVID-19. With the clock ticking until the polls open, we need a fair chance to analyse policy that affects us.

“We’d love for everyone in the ECE community to walk into the booth on 19 September with all the information they need,” said Mr Reynolds.

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