ECE teacher professional development a priority, not a luxury

12 June 2020

Professional learning and development is slipping down the list of priorities for some in the Early Childhood Education sector as resources become scarce.

Developing skills and being across latest trends in education is crucial for providing the best education, but the funds to do so aren’t available to everyone.

Teacher professional development is funded for Kindergartens and schools through non-contact (or professional) time, while community and privately-owned centres must either fund this time themselves or hire more teachers to meet funding bands to do so.

‘We need to prioritise teacher professional development and make it available to all. Parents should know their children will receive the same quality experience no matter where they choose to send them and that means supporting teacher’s professional development,” said Early Childhood Council CEO Peter Reynolds.

The ECC recommends a mix of centrally-funded and teacher and manager professional development that’s accessible to all. This should be further supported by a grant to centres to tailor additional learning to their specific cultural or educational needs, along with appropriate accountabilities.

“Professional development benefits children and teachers – it should be a priority, not a nice to have for just a few teachers in our sector,” said Mr Reynolds.

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