We must let Ministry of Health lead pandemic response

23 March 2020

The Early Childhood Council is urging the education community to leave the decision making to our public health experts.

“We understand everyone is worried for their children and teacher colleagues, but creating mass panic doesn’t help anyone.”

“We applaud the Teaching Council for taking a strong stance to support teachers, but disagree with calls to close ECE centres and schools. This is an over-reaction, and creates unnecessary panic for teachers, children and their families.”

“We’re already seeing parents keeping children home and creating more risks like lack of traceability and potential exposure to over-70’s.”

“The COVID-19 Alert Levels gives everyone clear guidance on where we are and what to expect should the situation change.”

“There are many constructive steps we can take now to keep our environments safe, and prepare for remote learning, but asking people to cope with extra noise is extremely counter-productive,” said ECC CEO Peter Reynolds.

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