ECE centres among the safest places for children

18 March 2020

The Early Childhood Council is recommending that parents should keep sending their children to Early Childhood Education centres during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s obviously a distressing and worrying time for everyone, but our message is ‘ECE centres are some of the safest places around.”

“Our centres are central to our communities, and the ECE sector is doing all the right things to ensure we don’t contribute to the spread of COVID-19,” said ECC CEO Peter Reynolds.

The ECC supports the Ministry of Education’s message that they’re not expecting or planning widespread school and ECE centre closures and that parents should continue to send their children to early childhood education centres and school.

There is no evidence of a preschool-aged child contracting COVID-19 anywhere, and low risk of wider community infection in New Zealand, where almost all infections involve people returning from overseas.

In almost all cases, even if a parent or caregiver is self-isolating, their children are still free to attend ECE centres or schools.

“This is a situation that’s changing fast, and we’re monitoring all developments closely. Our message is to only keep your children home if they’re sick, ECE centres are safe places for them to be,” said Mr Reynolds.

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