​ Draft Early Learning Strategic Plan

07 March 2019

Submissions and feedback on the plan closes on 15th March.

Current feedback indicates:

  • Ratios will change
  • 100% will return and be regulated
  • Improving teacher pay
  • Constraining competition and licensing
  • Setting up state-owned ECE is not strongly supported
  • Increasing support for regulating at 80% instead of 100%
  • Where is learning support?

…and more.

For more info on the ECC’s concerns about the plan’s recommendation, about the plan’s recommendation, go here..

You need to ensure your voice is clearly heard. What are your views on the recommendations? Fill out the Ministry’s online survey (at https://conversation.education.govt.nz/conversations/early-learning-strategic-plan/have-your-say-today/); or send in your own submission/letter to early.learning@education.govt.nz

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