ECC Webinar: Supporting centres to be proactive with regulators

15:00:00 to 16:00:00
New Zealand

Have you been visited or contacted by Ministry of Education advisors in regional offices or Education Review Office (ERO) review officers and been unclear whether or not they actually had proper authority to do something to you? Have you felt like a government official may have crossed a line with you but not known what you can do about it? Did you have a positive licensing visit only to find a subsequent email reported the opposite?

Some centres have been in situations where they have had their licences suspended where there was no substance to the allegation (the allegation was not revealed) and yet centres continue to accept these consequences rather than challenge them using the available processes. ECC can’t let this continue. If we continue doing this then we allow government agencies to become more entrenched in hostile practices that we should in fact be discouraging. A change in our behaviour by us is needed first to be able to influence a change in government department behaviours. ECC’s vision is that you feel respected and listened to by government departments, and do not fear it when you speak out to ask for a clarification to ensure their requests remain clear and lawful.

In this webinar Leo Donnelly will outline recent cases and approaches that have helped. If you are an ECC member, you should watch the free Lunch n Learn: How and why ECE services should seek help from the Ombudsman before attending this webinar.

Some situations are more serious and may require legal support. Others are more routine and can be done directly by centres.

If you’ve had instances that you are unsure about whether or not you could have done things differently, bring your questions to Leo and Simon.

Webinar convened by: Simon Laube (ECC CEO) and Leo Donelly (former Ombudsman 2016-2018).

This webinar will be recorded and made available to all registrants.


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