ECC Pay Parity Calculator

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ECC Pay Parity Calculator

Were the original Pay Parity rates sufficient to meet your increased staff salary/wages costs?

If it was close, then you need to take extra care before opting-in to the Extended Pay Parity rates

Ministry survey data shows the distance between average salaries (what is currently paid in the sector) and what the new Steps require centres to pay is A LOT greater – this means that much higher increases should be expected.

Extended Pay Parity rates (Steps 7-11 +) deliberately under-fund the average cost. This means that an average centre should have a net loss in terms of government funding IF they opt-in. The difference could be met by increasing parent fees, however.

Lonnie Parker has prepared a toolkit to help centres calculate whether to Opt-In to Pay Parity in the RS7 in June 2022. See attached. The ECC Pay Parity Calculator also includes the ability to calculate Extended Pay Parity.


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