Webinar - ERO non-compliance areas Session 2

15:00:00 to 16:00:00
Online, New Zealand

Webinar - ERO non-compliance areas Session 2

In May we presented on the top seven areas of non-compliance that ERO had identified last year through its regular compliance reviews (Akanuku). We focused on what the top seven areas were they found and how centres can focus on them and ensure they comply. With compliance it is not about waiting for ERO to check - it is something centres should be monitoring every day. So it's really important ECC is here for you to support best practice to help you to do this as seamlessly as possible.

Only once centres are confident with compliance can you focus properly on the next steps - Akarangi (evaluation for improvement) and Akamatua (striving for excellence). Read more about the ERO quality framework: here.

Webinar - ERO non-compliance areas Session 2

In our next session with ERO's continued support, Sue Kurtovich (ECC) and Sandra Collins (ERO) will present on the next tranche of non-compliance issues seen nationally through ERO Akanuku (compliance) reviews.

This will be the last in this particular ECC series but we intend to continue our focus on supporting centres with compliance through more focused sessions in 2022.

At Session 2 we will be covering:

  • How to get the most out of ERO's Self-Review Checklist and why it is important
  • Training and induction including for relief teachers
  • What ECC provides to help
  • The remaining non-compliance areas at a national level - this covers mostly Health & Safety, but also other Criteria areas like Premises and Facilities.

Special Note: People who register before 1 July will be given the opportunity to submit non-compliance questions for our panellists in advance of the webinar. All ECC webinars have the ability to ask questions during the session. Giving you the added ability to ask questions in advance will help us to exceed your expectations in the session.


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