Centre Policies – What you need to know (Policy 101)

15:00:00 to 16:00:00
Online, New Zealand

Centre Policies – What you need to know (Policy 101)

We will cover:

  • Focus on practice, with policy as an important part of that process but not necessarily as the driving force (importance of training and induction).
  • Your ability to set policies and the regular review of policies, processes and procedures.
  • Different types of policies (policy with a small “p” and Policy with a big “P”).

ECC constantly reviews and updates these, together with monitoring what the Government is changing in the future – as new laws tend to create new obligations or remove old ones.

ECC considers changes to be our “bread and butter” – we get across changes, then support centres to understand and comply with them.

  • Policies are no substitute for the practice in your centre(s). They support best practice. Taking the step of documenting clear policies sharpens your team’s focus on what is required and helps to show the regulator (ie when they check – ERO reviews and licensing visits) what you intend.
  • Providing clear information to parents is an important part of your operating context.
  • We will put policies into context. ECC provides hundreds of draft policies and guidelines to help centres to comply with their legal obligations.

  • NOTES:

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    • We recommend good quality external speakers