Transition and Continuity of Learning in ECE (Online Workshop)

09:30:00 to 11:30:00
Online, New Zealand

There is ample evidence that children benefit greatly from effective transitions. Teachers who use a reflective approach, with intentional, thought-out processes are in a position to provide valuable support to children and their families.

This workshop offers a forum for teachers to consider support strategies in keeping with the intent of Te Whāriki for –

  • Infants, toddlers and young children, and in particular for
  • Children who are disadvantaged or have diverse needs

The focus of the discussion is on intentional, reflective practice that takes children’s and parents’ perspectives into account. This workshop will provide research-based information regarding desirable key conditions and strategies for transitions and continuity within ECE.

Facilitator: Katina Beauchamp


  • 2 hour online workshop
  • Each workshop costs: $65+GST (ECC members), $75+GST (non members)
  • Online Workshops are not recorded
  • Presentation notes will be available
  • There will be a 10% administration fee for any cancellation
  • No refunds with cancellations within 24 hours of workshop
  • We will endeavour to provide as much advance notice of a change as is possible, but we cannot accept responsibility for staff time or backfilling positions

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