E-Learning Videos

E-Learning videos are 30 - 45 minutes long and provide a brief introduction to key elements of the topic.  In some cases, they provide an excellent introduction for you to then attend a four-hour in-depth workshop.  

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Centre Manager E-Learning Videos

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Non-members: $60


learn what the rules are you need to abide by to run a successful childcare centre, and how to set up your systems and processes to ensure you comply with these rules. Covers Ministry of Education licensing requirements, ERO requirements, Teachers Council, Health & Safety, and more!

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ERO Review

This E-Learning video is all about Preparing for the new ERO review process. Focusing on the following 

  •  three separate ERO review activities
  • Assurance Reviews
  • Quality Evaluations
  • Evaluating Excellence and Innovation
  • The role of CQI

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Health and Safety in ECE

This E-Learning video provides information to help you structure a health and safety system at your centre that complies with new requirements. It will include the following:

  • What is workplace health and safety?
  • Who is covered?
  • What you need to know and do
  • Volunteers, contractors and visitors

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Children's Act

This E-Learning video outlines the importance of the Children's Act in our ECE Centres and also the following:

  • Children’s Act 2014
  • Child Protection Policy
  •  Children’s (Requirements for Safety Checks of Children’s Workers) Regulations 2015

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Good Governance in a Community-owned Centre

A great E-Learning Video for community-owned centre committees and management; learn what good governance is, the systems, policies and processes you need to have in place and how to ensure those with governance responsibilities and those with management responsibilities work effectively together.

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Teacher E-Learning Videos

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Non-members: $30+gst

Learning Stories and the Principles of Assessment

What is the role of assessment in ECE and what should it look like? Good assessment aims to make valued learning visible, showing the complexity of learning within a meaningful context. This video will offer a focus on the Principles of Assessment as guidance for writing effective Learning Stories. Different perspectives are discussed at examples of how the Principles are embedded in assessment, planning and evaluation.

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Teacher Certification, Appraisal, and the ECC’s  Blue Book Folder

The ECC’s Blue Book Folder has been designed for all teachers working in early childhood education. This tool has assisted teachers for many years in the certification process and is ideal for organising and documenting teachers’ professional journey. Teachers’ ongoing improvement and growth in their practice, their learning, and their professionalism can be tracked, re-visited and shared with ease.

This e-learning video provides you with an overview of its contents and how you can best use these to support you in either gaining your full certification or maintaining it. It includes supporting information regarding appraisal requirements in the ECE context.

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Transition & Continuity of Learning

Children experience a number of transitions from the moment they enter early childhood services, then possibly within the centre if they move to different age groupings and then again when they leave for school.

Transitions can be a time of excitement but may also trigger stress, and it is the responsibility of adults to have plans in place. Effective transitions are critical to the development of children’s self-worth, confidence and resilience and kaiako play a crucial role in assisting children and parents. This e-learning video provides an overview of support strategies for the different transition times.

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Physical Health & Movement in ECE 

Active movement has been recognised as a significant factor in children’s health and development. How can teachers and parents empower young children to explore their world physically, to seek out interests and challenges in an active manner? Kaiako can assist in children’s developing physical capacities and, importantly, help lay the foundations for healthy habits.

This e-learning video will give an overview of helpful official guidelines, as well as some practical ideas for activities for all age groups.

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Early Literacy in ECE

What could teachers do to create a language-rich environment and what is conducive to children’s language development? There is so much more to literacy than the ability to read and write, particularly during the crucial early years. This e-learning video provides examples and suggestions for supporting literacy behaviour and discusses the importance of oral language development. A variety of early literacy tools for different ages and diverse needs are discussed, with an emphasis on practical and child-centred ways of providing support.

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If you have any queries about the E-Learning Videos, please contact Trisha at events@ecc.org.nz