Using ITERS.R to Reflect on Practice

ITERS-R is an environment rating scale for early childhood centres. Molly Butler and Michelle Crawford use this scale to encourage staff to think about their practice. This could be used as the basis of a staff reflection session.



Questions from the child’s point of view

Space and furnishings

How do I feel in this room?

Is it my size?

Am I surrounded by softness?

Is there a place for me to get away?

Does this space show me that I matter?

Personal Care Routines

Am I safe?

Do I know what to expect?

Do you believe I can do things on my own?

Are you respectful of my needs?

Do you personalise my care?

Listening and Talking

Can I hear your voice and does it scare me?

Are your words simple and descriptive, helping me learn about my world?

Do you play with language and make it fun?

Can I experience books using all my senses?


Do I get to interact with nature?

Are all my activities intentional?

Are my materials open-ended with multiple functions?

Do my activities represent my family and me?

Do I look like I enjoy the activities?

Are activities set up so I can be challenged, yet successful?


Are you teaching me what I can do?

Do you encourage my exploration of self and others?

Do you comfort me when I’m sad, angry, happy etc?

Are you my pillow?

Do you allow me to explore my feelings?

Do you help me understand the effects of my own actions?

Programme Structure

Is my day predictable?

Do I have to participate in group activities?

Can I choose my own play?

Do I feel rushed?

Are my movements limited by equipment?

Parents and Staff

Do I have a consistent caregiver?

Are my parents connected to my classroom?

Do my teachers talk to each other?

From Exchange May/June 2011