Wages and Salaries Survey - Full Report

ECC ran our Wages and Salaries Survey in 2022 and gathered 549 employer responses for 6,279 staff across the early learning sector. This covered roles such as management, teachers, administrators, cooks and other staff.

The report is designed to help you make informed decisions about pay, whether you are a business owner/manager looking to set competitive wages, or an employee looking to negotiate better pay. As a business owner, it can also help you identify any gaps in compensation which may be affecting staff attraction and retention.

The report also includes expert analysis and commentary on the funding systems in place and how they affect wages and financial viability for centres across New Zealand.

Some key findings you will see included in the report:

  • The effects of pay parity and extended pay parity – learn which centres are taking the hardest hit through the scheme (including comments from participants)
  • Roughly one in five centres will be affected by the minimum wage increase this April
  • Over 90% of centres offer other benefits and incentives for their staff; is your team missing out?

If you're not sure whether the Full Report would benefit you, you can purchase the Summary Report and upgrade it to the Full Report at a discounted rate (cost of difference).


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  • $275 for Non Members

Participated in the survey? You are entitled to a discount off the full report, please contact Tracey (admin@ecc.org.nz) to claim this offer.

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