ECC Health & Safety Guideline

The ECC's Health & Safety Guideline is a comprehensive guideline for early childhood education centres on establishing and maintaining the appropriate health & safety standards. The guide is useful for both community-owned and private centres and includes template examples of 10 key policies and procedures for use in your centre.

The Guideline contains clear information on the below Acts; how these impact on your centre and what you need to do:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

    * What is Workplace Health & Safety?

    * Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008

    * Licensing Criteria for Early Childhood Education and Care Centres 2011

    * Work Health and Safety Laws * Penalties * Who is covered?

    * What You Need to know * What You Need to Do * Prevention

    * Response * Frequently Asked Questions

    * Case Studies * References

    * Appendicles – example policies and procedures

  • Vulnerable Children Act 2014

    * Regulation references * Introduction * What does the Act introduce?

    * Core and non-core workers *Child Protection Policy

    * Safety checking * Children’s teams * Is that child OK?

    * Useful Links * Appendicles – example policies

  • Food Act 2014

    * Background * Impact on ECE Centres

    * National Programmes – what are they & what’s involved?

    * Getting verified * What do I have to do? * Documents needed

    * Timetable * Cost of registration and verification

    * Other likely impacts * Issues raised with MPI * MPI Contact

Note to members: A variety of the individual contents of the ECC's Health & Safety Guideline, including a wide range of additional tools and templates, is available freely as individual policies via the "Support & Resources" section of this website.

This version of the ECC's Health & Safety Guideline is produced as a pdf file and will be emailed to the email address provided on purchase within 3-5 working days of payment.

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