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In-House Workshops

Any listed Two,Three or Four Hour Workshops are available for in-house workshops. Feel free to contact for ECC facilitated Workshops or for InspirED-ECE facilitated Workshops.

E-Learning Video

Two-Hour Workshop

Three-Hour Workshop

Four-Hour Workshop

Important Information

  • E-Learning videos are 20 to 30 minutes long and provide a brief introduction to key elements of the topic.  In some cases, they provide an excellent introduction for you to then attend a four-hour in-depth workshop.  When you purchase an E-Learning video, you will receive a link that will expire after one week.
  • Two-Hour workshops provide a more detailed view of the topic with some limited opportunities for discussion, noting that some elements will have been edited out of the presentation to accommodate time constraints.
  • Four-Hour workshops provide an in-depth exploration of the topic with opportunities for discussion and an exchange of ideas.  These workshops are offered during the weekday (am or pm) only.
  • In-House workshops are two, three or four-hour workshops that have been tailored for your centre.  Some are relevant to your whole governance and management team (e.g.: Good Governance); and some to your whole staff (e.g.: Health & Safety).  These workshops are generally facilitated on a Saturday
  • In all cases, a copy of the workshop presentation will be available to registrants and may also include a number of other handouts.
  • Pricing
    • E-Learning videos are available from $34.50 plus GST (ECC member rate)
    • Two-Hour workshops are available from $65.00pp plus GST (ECC member rate)
    • Four-Hour workshops are available from $130.00pp plus GST (ECC member rate)
    • In-House workshops are generally subject to individual quote prior to acceptance.  As in indication this may range from $70pp plus GST for groups of more than 10; and from $800 plus GST for groups of less than 10.  In all cases, we review pricing for In-House workshops to ensure our costs are covered.
    • There is ECC member and non-member pricing.

  • If you cancel, a 10% cancellation charge applies.  If we cancel or change your booking, you can request a refund or transfer your registration to another date or another event.