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Workshops include:

STEAM workshop

STEAM in ECE – activities related to science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics provide teachers with excellent opportunities to engage children in hands-on learning.

This workshop will present learning concepts attached to each of the STEAM areas – with a focus on:

  • hands-on, practical examples,
  • child-centred activities
  • creativity in daily life

This interactive workshop will give teachers the time to discuss and share ideas;

Teachers will be able to explore pathways for individual and classroom planning;

Teachers will have the opportunity to develop and explore assessment strategies, and help with understanding

  • assessment to learning
  • assessment for learning
  • assessment as learning

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17 April - Nelson

Planning for Early Literacy in ECE

Early Childhood Teachers know how important language development is for young children. Oral language is the key to developing early literacy and competence in and understanding language.

How can teachers support children’s oral language learning in the Early Years?

This workshop will give you a framework for early literacy and ideas for planning for infants, toddlers, and young children…

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How to use Learning Stories for Assessment

Assessment in Early Childhood Education has more than one purpose, and teachers have more than one type of assessment to choose from, depending on what they concentrate on. However, as the revised curriculum, Te Whāriki, sets out, children’s learning is the core purpose. “Kaiako use assessment to find out about what children know and can do, what interests them, how they are progressing, what new learning opportunities are presented and where additional support may be required” (MoE, 2017).

Capturing children’s development and learning over time requires teachers’ attention and critical thinking and involves a range of methods. Learning Stories can assist teachers to make learning visible and is a valuable assessment method. Learning Stories can convey so much meaning and information as well as different perspectives.

This workshop will explain –

  • The Purpose of Assessment
  • Key Characteristics of good assessment
  • How to write effective Learning Stories
  • How to convey a variety of perspectives within the assessment

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to practise how to use different perspectives in writing Learning Stories and how to interweave Te Whāriki’s Principles and Strands.

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17 April - NELSON

Working with Standards in your Teaching Practice and Appraisal using the Blue Book Online

What if all of that could be done in one, simple, easy-to-use website? Mobile-friendly. And owned by the teacher.

This is the purpose of the Blue Book Online.

Learn how to fulfil the requirements for certification, mentoring, and appraisal with this mobile-friendly website.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to learn:

  • How to use the Blue Book Online to document your evidence
  • How to link your evidence with the Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • How to organise your inquiries, learning, goals and research, connect these with the learning conversations you have with your mentor, as well as analyse your progression as a professional
  • How to plan your PD for the year, linked to the Standards or not
  • How to prepare for your appraisal and demonstrate where you are at professionally.

This workshop will use the ECC’s Blue Book Online to explain how to maintain your online portfolio, how to plan your PD and how to meet your appraisal requirements to achieve full certification/re-certification. Participants will not need to be in possession of the Blue Book Online.

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  • All workshops are half-day (four hours)
  • Workshops on the same date are at the same venue.
  • Each workshop costs: $130+GST (ECC members), $150+GST (non-members)
  • Registrations are open until one week prior to each event
  • The ECC reserves the right to cancel workshops a week prior to the scheduled date if there are insufficient registration number