ECC Membership Enquiry Webinar Offer

The Early Childhood Council (ECC) offers a range of webinar professional development to early childhood education centre managers and teachers.

In return for the opportunity to discuss our membership offering we would like to offer non-member centres one recording from the below selection of popular webinar topics.

1. Understanding the Food Act (ECC-Educa Lunch'n'Learn Webinar)

This 20 to 30 minute webinar will provide a brief snapshot of what your centre needs to do to comply with the Food Act. It includes advice on registration and verification issues, what to pay and what not to pay, etc.

2. Understanding the 20 hour ECE Funding (ECC-Educa Lunch'n'Learn Webinar)

This 20 to 30 minute webinar will provide a brief snapshot of the 20 hour ECE Funding.

As an ECE Centre Manager, this webinar will give you a better understanding of the 20 hour ECE funding and how this affects your centre.

3. The Standards and Appraisals in Practice (public webinar)

In this information packed webinar the ECC will explain how to align your work with the Standards for the Teaching Profession, with a focus on your practice and appraisal. We will use practical examples that are specific to the ECE context.

This 30 minute webinar will explain the requirements for centres, fully certificated teachers and provisionally certificated teachers.

The ECC offers member exclusive webinars, ECC-Educa Lunch'n'Learn, and a selection of publicly available webinars for both centre managers and teachers. Members enjoy exclusive access to ECC-Educa Lunch'n'Learn webinars, and discounted rates for publicly available webinars.

To learn more about the full range of ECC professional development visit our Events section.

Terms of offer: This offer is available to contacted early childhood centres only and when redeemed the supplied offer code must be quoted.