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Introducing inspirED

Supporting the continued learning and development of ECE teachers in New Zealand.The directors and facilitators of inspirED ECE have been successfully delivering professional learning and development to the early childhood sector for over 10 years. They have been delivering the ECC teacher workshops since 2012.

inspirED ECE's dedication to offering high quality professional learning opportunities to early childhood teachers throughout New Zealand reflects a strong commitment to supporting continued improvements to teaching practice and outcomes for children. As the sector continues to develop we recognise the importance of professional learning that is responsive to the ways that best support the growth and professionalism of the sector.

Our skilled professional learning facilitators are experienced, fully certificated teachers.They have a diverse range of experience, expertise and interests and draw on experience as teachers, leaders and managers in the ECE sector, to inform workshop content and approach.

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Looking for in-centre professional learning for your whole teaching team we are here to help!

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Refocusing on our national curriculum Te Whāriki

The refresh of our national curriculum is an exciting opportunity to refocus our intentions as early childhood teachers and to ensure that we are working with our learners and whanau in ways that are aligned with the principles, strands and learning outcomes of Te Whāriki: He whāriki mātauranga mō ngā mokopuna o Aotearoa.

We will examine the differences between the refreshed Te Whāriki and the original document. There will be time to revise and revisit the essence of the document, embedded within the aspirations, principles and strands. There will be particular emphasis on exploring and discussing the shift from 118 goals to 20 as well as the responsibilities of kaiako and continuity of learning which have been made more explicit in the refreshed document.

This workshop will allow you to identify shifts in practice that may be necessary in light of the changes to the curriculum.

Tauranga - Wednesday 8th May 

Palmerston North - Wednesday 22nd May

Teaching with purpose in mind

Each day early childhood teachers make multiple professional and pedagogical decisions. This workshop will focus on considering how teachers’ decisions might influence the opportunities they provide for children and thus the learning that might take place.

The model of Notice, Recognise and Respond will be linked to recent research findings, and used as a basis for discussion. Teachers will be encouraged to think deeply about how they identify children’s learning, and how they might respond to children in a way that supports and extends this, rather than defaulting to responding to children’s activities.

By the end of this workshop teachers will have a clearer understanding of the notion of teaching with purpose, the role of the teacher in an environment of intentional teaching, and how their decisions and actions might support improved outcomes for children.

This workshop will include:

  • An exploration of how you view your role as a teacher
  • Strategies for more effectively observing children in play in order to more accurately recognise learning
  • Strategies for setting priorities for children’s learning, using Te Whāriki as a tool for identifying outcomes for learning

Exploration of what meaningful teacher responses might be and how we can provide more authentic learning opportunities for children.

Please email inspirED ECE if you would like this workshop provide in your area or in your centre.

Evidencing practice through inquiry

A workshop designed to support provisionally and fully certificated teachers to effectively evidence their practice against the Standards for the Teaching Profession using inquiry as the key mechanism of appraisal/induction and mentoring.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Explore what the Standards (and Tataiako) look like in practice
  • Learn how can they be integrated into appraisal in meaningful, everyday ways
  • Explore how to use inquiry to drive improvement of practice and outcomes for children
  • Learn what the key requirements of the Education Council are regarding what is necessary and sufficient evidence of practice
  • Explore how they can meaningfully integrate the PTCs and Tataiako into appraisal, self-review and strategic planning

Whangarei - Thursday 16th May 

Please email inspirED ECE if you would like this workshop provide in your area or in your centre.

Enhancing your cultural competency

This workshop will support teachers to extend the depth and authenticity of their bicultural practice. It will explore the implications of Te Tiriti o Waitangi not only in terms of teachers’ professional practice but also in terms of curriculum provision for all tamariki. Building on the foundations of Te Tiriti o Waitangi teachers will be supported to understand what culturally responsive practice, for all learners, looks like. The workshop will explore the ideas of cultural locatedness and unconscious bias and identify ways teachers might be encouraged to think critically about the curriculum provision in terms of cultural competence.

This workshop will support you to:

  • Examine your own cultural beliefs and values and to consider how these might impact on your teaching practice
  • Examine how your centre practices might unintentionally privilege some groups of learners
  • Share strategies to build your ability to work effectively with children of diverse cultural backgrounds in ways that reflect the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Newmarket - Tuesday 30th April

Tauranga - Wednesday 5th June

Fostering social competence and self-regulation Workshop

Teachers will examine their role in supporting children to become socially competent citizens. By asking “is the way I respond to challenging behaviour supporting children’s learning to become socially and emotionally competent?” teachers will identify alternative ways of responding to children’s behaviour.

This workshop will include:

  • Examination of your current responses to challenging behaviour
  • An introduction to teaching strategies and approaches to support children’s self regulation
  • Identification of factors that contribute to children’s behaviour
  • Exploration of behaviour management, positive guidance and social competence perspectives
  • Alternative strategies for responding to children’s behaviour
  • Realistic scenarios and opportunities to discuss and problem solve with other

Morrinsville - Thursday 9th May

Please email inspirED ECE if you would like this workshop provide in your area or in your centre.

Leading a learning culture

Being a leader in an ECE setting is a complex and multi-faceted task, especially given that many teachers find themselves with leadership responsibilities with little or nopreparation. Research shows that effective leadership is the single most influential factor in ensuring high quality teaching and learning.

This workshop will assist you to identify and develop key skills, knowledge and dispositions that will enable you to be an effective leader of teaching and learning.

This workshop will:

  • learn strategies for developing common understandings of good teaching within your team
  • assist you in clarifying the leader’s role in leading teacher practice in ways that improve outcomes for children
  • explore key skills, knowledge and dispositions of leadership
  • introduce effective tools for addressing issues you may face in your leadership role

Effective evaluation and reflective practice Workshop

This workshop will address the often-misunderstood notion of evaluation of teaching practice. It will cover evaluation on action (internal evaluation) and evaluation in action – the minute by minute judgements about the effectiveness of your practice therefore supporting an evaluative culture in your centre. This workshop will also examine the art of reflective practice, sharing strategies to promote your own and others’ reflective thinking and to document this in order to strengthen practice and improve outcomes for children.

This workshop will:

  • Clarify the focal point of evaluation and reflective thinking and to explain the connection between these two notions.
  • Share strategies to document evaluation and reflection in time efficient, manageable ways
  • Discuss ways to embed an evaluative, reflective culture in centre ways of working so as to keep improvement of teaching and learning at the heart of things.
North Shore - Tuesday 19th March
Taupo - Thursday 6th June

Keeping documentation manageable and meaningful Workshop

There is increasing concern being expressed by teachers about the seemingly increasing burden of paperwork and concern that need for documentation is taking teachers away from teaching. This workshop will assist you to refocus on what is necessary and useful to document so that informed decisions can be made about how documentation expectations might be streamlined.

This workshop will support you to:

  • Understand compliance responsibilities with regards to documentation
  • Identify strategies that might assist you to minimise time spent on documenting teaching and learning
  • Identify ways to document teaching and learning for maximum benefit to teachers, children and whanau.

Highbrook - Tuesday 2nd April
Newmarket - Wednesday 22nd May

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