Workshops for Centre Managers

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Workshops include:

Good Governance – a great workshop for community-owned centre committees and management; learn what good governance is, the systems, policies and processes you need to have in place and how to ensure those with governance responsibilities and those with management responsibilities work effectively together. The workshop includes:

  • What is governance?
  • Governance versus management
  • The role of the Board/Committee/Owner
  • The role of the Centre Manager
  • Understanding key strategic and risk issues
  • Conflict of interest and ethics

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21 March - AUCKLAND

In-House Training is available for these workshops. We can create a course that is tailored to your needs. For more details, contact or phone 0800 742 742 option 9 for more information.

Strategic Planning – ensure your centre has a clear sense of direction. Answer four simple questions to develop an effective strategic plan for your centre.

The workshop includes:

  • What is strategic planning
  • How it fits in with business planning
  • The components of a typical strategic plan
  • Four simple questions to answer
  • Assessing your environment
  • Vision, Values, Mission
  • Selecting strategies
  • Monitoring
  • Managing risk

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    22 March - AUCKLAND

Marketing in a Competitive Environment – in an ever-increasingly competitive market, with new centres popping up and new enrollments harder to get, learn how to define your target market and compete effectively – even with the big boys!

This workshop includes:

  • What is marketing?
  • Defining your customer?
  • Constructing a marketing plan
  • The lifetime value of a customer
  • Your service and the benefits
  • Pricing tactics
  • Accessing your service
  • Promotional tactics
  • Participation tactics
  • Assessing the competition
  • Effective execution and competitive advantage

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    7 June - AUCKLAND

Business Planning – set up an operational plan for your centre that seeks to achieve your strategic goals; includes basic budgeting.

This workshop includes:

  • Why we plan
  • Connection to the strategic plan
  • Connection to available resources
  • Knowing the environment
  • Marketing tactics
  • Pricing tactics
  • Operational management tactics
  • Staffing tactics
  • Administration tactics
  • Preparing a budget and cash flow
  • Monitoring

Continuous Quality Improvement and Service Reviews

There’s nothing like a letter from ERO announcing a forthcoming Internal Evaluation to throw a centre into a state of panic! This workshop examines the principles of continuous quality improvement, the role of the ERO review compared to a wider quality improvement approach. Models are applied and tested so you can choose what is right for your centre.

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10 May - ROTORUA



Managing People – covers the systems and approach involved in managing staff in an ECE centre, from recruitment and induction, to management, performance issues and termination.

This workshop includes:

Health & Safety in ECE Centres – how to structure a health and safety system at your centre that complies with new requirements

This workshop includes:

Financial Management – learn how to budget effectively, how to use benchmarks, manage your finances effectively, set and achieve financial targets.

This workshop includes:

  • Estimating your income
  • Estimating your expenses
  • Preparing a simple budget
  • Finding your breakeven point
  • Preparing a cash flow
  • Securing finance
  • Monitoring and what to do when things go wrong

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    16 June - TAURANGA

Compliance – learn what the rules are you need to abide by to run a successful childcare centre, and how to set up your systems and processes to ensure you comply with these rules. Covers Ministry of Education licensing requirements, ERO requirements, Teachers Council, Health & Safety, and more!

This workshop includes:

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  • All workshops are half-day (four hours)
  • Workshops on the same date are at the same venue.
  • Each workshop costs: $130+GST (ECC members), $150+GST (non-members)
  • Registrations are open until one week prior to each event
  • The ECC reserves the right to cancel workshops a week prior to the scheduled date if there are insufficient registration number