Workshops for Centre Managers

Centre Manager Online Workshops

Our Online Centre Manager Workshops are facilitated by ECC's Advisor and ECE Consultant Sue Kurtovich.

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Workshops include:

Governance for ECE Centre Boards

Designed specifically for committee and board members in ECE Centres

It takes time and effort to build a high-functioning ECE centre board or parent committee.

In this session we will cover the essential components of a successful board including:

  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of the governing board
  • Separating the roles of governance and management
  • Inducting new board members
  • Ensuring continuity of knowledge through effective succession planning for board members
  • Running effective board meetings
  • Resolving internal board conflict
  • Monitoring board performance

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Monday 5th December

    Effective Marketing for ECE Centres

    Are you concerned about increasing competition? Falling rolls and/or shrinking waiting lists? Shortages of quality teachers?

    This workshop will teach you how to attract new families and quality staff to your centre to improve your offering and maintain satisfaction. You will learn how to take control of your brand and raise your centre's profile and keep your roll's full.

    Sorry, there are no more Effective Marketing for ECE Centres workshops planned for 2022, to express your interest in future events, please email

    Regulation and Compliance for ECE Centres

    Designed specifically for boards, owners, and managers of ECE Centres

    This plain language seminar will cut through the legal-speak and technical jargon and help you to understand and comply with the essential elements of many of the rules and regulations that are applicable to the ECE sector.

    The seminar’s clear, concise and practical format will cover the key clauses. Any recent amendments will be covered in detail.

    Seminar topics include:

    ECE Legislative Framework

    • Education and Training Act 2020
    • Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008
    • Licensing Criteria for Early Childhood Education and Care Centres 2008

    Employment Relations Act

    Privacy Act

    Financial Management for ECE Centres

    Presented by Sue Kurtovich, ECC Life Member and ECE Management Consultant

    Prudent financial management is critical to the ongoing viability and success of every enterprise, and no less so an ECE centre.

    You need to understand your financial position at all times, so that you can make well informed decisions and plan for the secure future of your centre.

    This webinar will provide sound advice on good financial management, tailored specifically to the ECE sector.

    You will also receive useful forms and templates

    Learn how to:

    • Establish and monitor your annual budget so that you stay on track
    • Forecast your cashflow so that there are no surprises
    • Plan, monitor and control your staffing - including useful tips for efficient staff rosters
    • Identify the most relevant key performance indicators for an ECE centre, and measure and monitor them easily
    • Set your fees and what to consider in your fee policy

    Sorry, there are no more Financial Management in ECE Centres workshops planned for 2022, to express your interest in future events, please email

    Health and Safety in ECE

    For boards, owners, managers, team leaders and supervising staff of ECE Centres

    This webinar will provide, in plain language, the information you need to ensure your ECE organisation understands Health and Safety legislation, and the practical tools to develop a robust health and safety system in your organisation.

    • Content has been designed specifically for ECE
    • Developed jointly by an ECE expert and an H & S expert
    • Focuses on practical implementation of H & S legislation
    • Includes templates, tools and examples relevant to ECE
    • Covers legislative requirements as well as best practice

    Seminar content:

    An explanation of the intent of the H & S legislation, and the key definitions and requirements of the Act

    Setting up your Health and Safety system, including the processes, procedures, policies, and documentation you need

    Implementing your Health and Safety system, including monitoring and reviewing to ensure continuous improvement, and making H & S part of your centre culture

    Sorry, there are no more Health and Safety in ECE workshops planned for 2022, to express your interest in future events, please email

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    • All workshops are two hours long
    • Each workshop costs: $99+GST (ECC members), $199+GST (non-members)
    • The ECC reserves the right to cancel workshops a week prior to the scheduled date if there are insufficient registration number