Workshop Series

The Early Childhood Council's professional development programme

Looking for in-house professional development in centre management or would like a would like this workshop in your area?

The ECC might be able to help!

Have a look at the Centre Managers programme. If you are interested in one of these workshops being held in-house contact the ECC, to find out more.

First Aid Refresher Course can be held in-house or in your area (must have 20 participants). If you don't have 20 staff members, contact those in your network, see if they are interested in participating!


  • All workshops are half-day (three to four hours)
  • Each workshop costs: $98+GST (ECC members), $130+GST (non-members)
  • First Aid Refresher course costs: $75+GST (ECC members), $85+GST (non-members) Please contact ECC for more information
  • Registrations are open until two weeks prior to each event
  • The ECC and InspirED, Whitireia, and St John reserves the right to cancel workshops two weeks prior to the scheduled date if there are insufficient registration number.

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Professional Learning and Development for teachers and beyond

Introducing Teacher Empowerment

Teacher Empowerment Team link:


For Teacher Empowerment workshops offered in Canterbury, the ECC member rate is $130 plus GST; for non-members the price is $150 plus GST

For Teacher Empowerment workshops offered in any other regions in the South Island, the ECC member rate is $185 plus GST and the non-member price is $205 plus GST.

Unpacking the updated Te Whāriki document.

This workshop will take time to unpack the changes to Te Whāriki- the Early childhood curriculum. Although the aspirations, principles and strands of the document remain unchanged there are many changes including the shift from 118 goals to 20, the responsibility of the Kaiako and continuity of learning to name a few. This workshop will support you to recognise the changes and explore how this impacts on teaching and learning.

This workshop will:

  • Explore what the changes are, and what this means for our practice as teachers.
  • Provide opportunities to unpack the new sections in the document.
  • Explore the shift in goals from 118 to 20 and how this impacts on learning.

Dates offered:

Dunedin - 30th August 2017

Infants and Toddlers

Brain development is most significant in children from birth to three years of age. These are the children we call infants and toddlers. How are you catering for the needs of these children? In this workshop, we will explore the developmental characteristics of infants and toddlers, how to plan for them and work together with parents to provide quality care and education.

Providing for the care and education of infants requires specialised knowledge and practice. Te whāriki update (draft) pg. 16

This workshop will:

  • Explore developmental characteristics of infants and toddlers
  • Consider how we plan for this age group alongside parents
  • Examine what quality care and education looks like for these children.

Dates offered:

Christchurch - 15th November 2017

Social Competency

Emotional intelligence, differing values/expectations, behavioural guidance, working collaboratively…… these are the challenges we have working together with our children. Our work as teachers focusses on equipping children to be competent and capable life-long leaners. Does this require being able to participate in collaborative relationships? In this workshop, we will explore how to work with children to develop social competence. Teacher’s will reflect on their role in developing these skills and how to apply these in their learning environment.

This workshop will:

  • Explore how to work positively with children to develop their social competence.
  • Develop skills working with children in challenging situations
  • Explore values and beliefs and how these impact on children’s learning.

Dates offered:

Nelson - 27th September 2017

Timaru - 25th October 2017

Treaty based practise

This workshop unpacks where Treaty based/bi-cultural practise comes from and how this looks in today's context of education and learning. It will help teachers come to a personal place of valuing our bicultural heritage to be real and authentic in their professional practice.

This workshop will:

  • Offer a clear understanding of the history of the treaty
  • Give ideas on how to create authentic treaty based practise
  • Support understanding and value of Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Dates offered:

Queenstown - 22nd August 2017

Unpacking Maori values

This workshop looks at the Maori values and language that sit in our Education documents. It will explore how these were expressed traditionally, to enable us to understand how they can be made real today in our early childhood centres. Practical knowledge and skills will be part of this workshop.

This workshop will:

  • Unpack Maori values and language from our day to day documents.
  • Give meaning and understanding of these values
  • Provide practical examples and ideas to support growth in practice.

Dates offered:

Invercargill - 5th September 2017

Dunedin - 30th October 2017

Nelson - 14th November 2017

Enhancing Leadership

This workshop will be an opportunity for experienced, new and emerging leaders to come together and explore what creates effective leadership and how to work towards this. It will provide knowledge and skills to enhance your practice as a leader and strategies to support effective communication particularly in challenging times.

This workshop will:

  • Provide skills and knowledge to support effective leadership.
  • Explore effective communication styles.
  • Provide strategies for challenging times in leadership

Dates offered:

Christchurch - 19th September 2017

Cromwell - 24th October 2017