Blue Book Online

The ECC's new version of the Blue Book Online.

A fantastic tool designed for teachers to make portfolio management, professional development planning and appraisal activities simple and straightforward.

This tool has been extensively upgraded:

  • To take account of the new Standards for the Teaching Profession and the Code of Professional Responsibility from the Education Council
  • To help you to consider your teaching practice in the context of the Education Council's latest expectations
  • To save you time and make that time spent more meaningful

The main advantages of the Blue Book Online include:

  • Mobile-friendly! This instant accessibility saves time and hassle - you can upload evidence and documentation from any gadget and link it to the relevant Standard as you go!
  • Easy filing - you can upload text, photos and video!
  • Guidance through a three-tier process that ensures you generate appropriate evidence for your certification / re-certification
  • "Manage Access" - you can invite others to view content and set specified permissions for each user
  • Capability for your mentor / appraiser to view and comment on your progress
  • A separate Appraisal section that clearly showcases your progress as a teacher and how you understand the Standards for the Teaching Profession, specifically signed off by the mentor / appraiser
  • A function for you and your mentor / appraiser to sign off the annual appraisal report, which can subsequently be downloaded and presented to the Education Council and/or your Centre Manager
  • The teacher owns the content
  • Annual subscription for an attractive price

The Blue Book Online will be supported by three separate webinars, each explaining one tier;

  • My Portfolio, 
  • My Plan, 
  • My Appraisal. 

There will also be workshops to show how to use the Blue Book Online effectively for compiling a cohesive portfolio, for inquiries and PD planning, as well as for the appraisal process. Please note that supporting webinars and workshops will be additional to the annual subscription cost. 

Annual Subscription cost: $57.50

A discount of 10% off the first years subscription is offered for bulk subscriptions - please contact if you wish to take up this offer.

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