ECC calls on the Government to play its part on early learning fair pay

27 October 2022

The Early Childhood Council says government must step up on Fair Pay Agreement legislation by funding it properly, if we’re to see sustainable change.

“The early learning sector provides public good through choice in quality early learning for our children, and enabling working parents to contribute to the economy.”

"The many providers struggling to stay viable need clarity and assurance the government will be part of the solution on fair pay," said ECC CEO Simon Laube.

Deep seated pay issues have led to the ongoing teacher shortage. With Pay Equity, Pay Parity and now Fair Pay Agreements in the mix, it's in everyone's interests to fully consider the next steps, said the ECC.

"55% of surveyed members tell us they're pessimistic about their viability over the next 12 months, thanks to increasing regulation, compliance, inflation and rent. Finding relief teachers is proving impossible for many, and centre budgets are being over-spent trying to fill gaps with the teacher shortage."

"If the government wants quality early learning provision and parent choice, and make ECE teaching an attractive and valued vocation, then the funding has got to follow," said Simon Laube.

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