Pay equity claims and ECC Members

16 November 2020

Over 600 early childhood education centres have been included in one or both of two Pay Equity Claims, one launched by NZEI and the other an individual claim by David Haynes.

As a centre receives a claim, they have five working days to acknowledge receipt. They only need to acknowledge receipt, nothing else at this stage.

IF the centre receives a claim from NZEI, the centre needs to check if they have any NZEI members on their qualified teaching staff. If they do, they acknowledge receipt of the claim. If they don’t, they acknowledge receipt but also state the claim is not valid. That’s all they have to say.

If the centre receives a claim from David Haynes, it must include a list of the people he claims to represent. If it does not, the claim is not valid. The centre acknowledges receipt of the claim, but states it is not valid.

See our flow chart for more advice on what to do.

Centres are able to join a collective response so that the ECC can represent their interests in the claim going forward. No commitment would be made through this process without informing and obtaining agreement from centres first. But it means we can use a single legal advisor (Buddle Findlay) and ensures the messages don’t get mixed up. To join this group, a centre must write back to the ECC indicating they wish to join the collective response.

During the process to date, the ECC has received and responded to a wide range of questions from members. We have copied these into a Q&A attached, for your information.

We will be publishing advice shortly on what you can expect to see happen next and what you need to do. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, contact the ECC CEO on

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