Strong support for fairness in early learning teacher pay

31 October 2020

A poll shows strong support for early learning teacher pay parity and pay equity among community and private early learning centre owners.

Early Childhood Council members surveyed overwhelmingly supported both pay parity and pay equality:

  • 98% of respondents support pay parity for ECE-qualified teachers working in the ECE sector
  • 76% of respondents support a pay equity claim, where efforts to further increase overall ECE teacher pay in comparison to another male-dominated professional group

“The numbers clearly show centre owners’ care for children, through their support for the skills and hard work of their teaching teams. Everyone in our sector deserves a fair go - we’ve consistently pushed for teacher pay parity, and back the government’s moves towards it,” said ECC CEO Peter Reynolds.

“However – we’re under no illusions the money has to come from somewhere. If resources are tight, we’d like to see an outline of how we get there, so centres can plan for it and to give teachers certainty for the future,” said Mr Reynolds.

With 76% of surveyed members supporting a push for pay equity, the ECC is calling for more detail on the government’s plans.

“Centres are under financial pressure as it is, and any moves towards pay equity must include meaningful consultation with the whole sector. Let’s start the discussion now, so everyone’s clear on the implications,” said Mr Reynolds.

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