100% qualified teacher band worth $1.62 an hour less in 2021 than in 2010

24 July 2020

Analysis of the newly re-introduced 100% qualified teacher funding band shows Early Childhood Education centres would have been better off in 2010.

For centres, the funding rate for children over two is $1.62 an hour behind the inflation adjusted rate if the 100% band hadn’t been taken away in 2010 – and $1.29 an hour behind what kindergartens are paid for the same work.

“For some, the 100% band is great news – but it languishes behind both inflation and kindergartens for everyone. Is this the best we can do?” said ECC CEO Peter Reynolds.

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“We hate talking about funding when we’d rather be talking about children’s education and those who provide it, but when centres would have been better off in 2010, that doesn’t make sense.”

“The 100% funding band needs to go back on the drawing board. It still leaves centres 16.4% behind kindergarten funding, it’s worth less than it was in 2010 whichever way you look at it, and centres could be forced into debt if they try and achieve it.”

“We’re grateful for the investment in our sector and understand this is just the start of our moves to teacher pay parity, but we think starting again with a full review of ECE funding is the best way to fix the broken model we have now,” said Mr Reynolds.

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