Getting 100% funding band sums wrong could force ECE centres into debt

22 July 2020

The 2021 version of the 100% qualified teacher funding band is worth less for Early Childhood Education centres than the 2011 version – and the shortfall could force them into debt.

Community and privately-owned centres are currently doing the maths to determine if the 100% band is financially sustainable for them. Independent analysis from Kurtovich Consulting shows a shortfall of between 0.27 cents and 0.49 cents an hour per child:

See the ECE shortfall table here

Besides the financial cost, maintaining a team of 100% qualified teachers means juggling rosters for centres, including replacing non qualified teachers on their staff, and finding ways to cover absent qualified staff with qualified relievers.

The Early Childhood Council’s Peter Reynolds said “For some centres, the return of the 100% funding band is very welcome – but many will look at the numbers and the extra administration to meet it, and decide it’s too hard.”

“It’s a shame that something with so much promise has these fishhooks. In our view, the way to solve this is a full funding review in our sector, the sooner we can fix the current broken model, the better.”

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