ECE centres calling on Ministry of Education to run 100% funding band numbers again

19 July 2020

Early Childhood Council analysis shows the newly reinstated 100% qualified teacher funding band will be worth less than it was in 2020 – leaving centres short once more.

In July 2021, centres will receive $12.77 per child per hour funding for the twenty free hours funding.

Adjusted for inflation using the Consumer Price Index*, the figure should be $13.09 per child per hour.

That means centres are missing out on $0.32 per child per hour in funding, which will hit centres’ already stretched budgets hard.

See the ECC's graph showing our working here.

“Simply, the less funding, the harder it is to run a centre. We welcome the 100% qualified teaching band back, but it’s disappointing to see it short-changed,” said ECC CEO Peter Reynolds.

The 100% qualified teacher funding band was abolished for community and privately-owned centres in 2011, and re-introduced in the May 2020 budget.

The ECC is calling on the Ministry of Education to run the numbers again.

*ECC calculations use the ANZ’s April forecast for expected inflation for 2021

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