Funding model putting pressure on New Zealand parents

28 June 2020

Private and community owned early childhood education centres offer New Zealand children a quality start to their education, and offers parents choices around culture, location, educational approach and budget.

That’s despite no meaningful funding increase for centres in ten years from successive governments.

“Early learning centres provide education, not just care. There’s a mountain of evidence showing New Zealand’s national curriculum, which is recognised world-wide, sets children up for their education and for life. The value in New Zealand’s approach, led by professional teachers, is immense,” said Early Childcare Council CEO Peter Reynolds.

This morning’s reporting that parents are delaying having children to afford early learning goes against the fundamental rights of New Zealand children to the best education they can get, no matter who they are or where they live.

Not all centres in New Zealand charge fees, and the ECC’s advice to parents is to shop around.

“Without addressing the dire lack of funding for centres, you’re going to see some go under, reducing parents’ options even further.

Rent, maintenance, resources and planning time all fall by the wayside when funding isn’t distributed realistically or fairly. The current funding model is broken. It favours some, not all, and puts financial pressure on a huge part of the sector and must be urgently addressed,” said Mr Reynolds.

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