New Education Bill won’t fix broken funding system

25 June 2020

A new Bill addressing a range of early learning regulation won’t fix the broken funding system, says the Early Childhood Council.

The Education and Training Bill streamlines the Education Act and introduces a new early learning licencing requirement, police vetting, and greater data gathering and home-based inspection powers for the Education Review Office.

While the Bill clears the way for the Ministry to review Early Childhood Education regulations, licencing criteria and funding rules, the ECC says a full ECE funding review will have more impact and should be a higher priority.

“At a time when our sector is trying to rebuild after the COVID-19 lockdown, we question the Ministry’s priorities. Policy reform is important, but right now, a full review of ECE funding would have a much greater positive impact for children, teachers and centres.”

“Education outcomes for children, and transparency for everyone should come first. There won’t be significant change until funding is fixed, and we think that work is a better use of the Ministry’s time.” said ECC CEO Peter Reynolds.

The ECC welcomes the Ministry’s intention to put a simpler, more user-friendly legislative framework in place. The bill was introduced to parliament on 2 December 2019, replaces Education Acts from 1964 and 1989, and is at the second reading stage.

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