MoE funding increase won’t add up for everyone

11 May 2020

The Early Childhood Council has welcomed the pre-budget funding increases for Early Childhood Education teachers – but warns the maths won’t work for everyone.

The government has increased early learning teacher salaries by 9.6% - but centres have only been given a 3.9% subsidy increase to pay for it.

“We’re certainly grateful for any extra funding in the ECE sector – the increase will help close the teacher pay gap, but who will end up paying?”

“For many centres, this will mean increasing parent fees, or even employing less teachers,” said ECC CEO Peter Reynolds.

There’s a huge disparity in the ECE sector funding and wages – for example, Playcentres received just a $3.1 million increase today, to be shared among almost 400 centres.

This highlights the need for the long-promised comprehensive review of the ECE funding system.

“While the Education Minister acknowledged that achieving pay parity will take a number of budgets, this is not the auspicious start the sector needs.

“We appreciate the intent, but many centres running their numbers tonight will be completely disheartened.”

“We’re calling on the Minister to consider the effect this added cost will have on many centres and re-do his sums in the short term,” said Mr Reynolds.

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