ECC releases provisional Alert Level 2 wish list

02 May 2020

The Early Childhood Council has released its provisional Alert Level 2 wish list for Early Childhood Education centres. The council is surveying its members on this issue, but some key themes are already clear.

“Over half our members have opened their doors in Level 3, and are gaining valuable real-world insight into operating safely.”

“We’re keen to share what we’ve learned - it’s sensible to take these lessons and start thinking about what ECE looks like in Level 2 straight away,” said ECC CEO Peter Reynolds.

Key provisional issues to address include:

  • Release the Ministry of Health investigation into the Marist College cluster and other affected schools and the transmission characteristics of COVID-19 before Level 2
  • Will parents be encouraged to send their children to ECE, or keep them home in Level 2?
  • Under Alert Level 3, centres have been required to increase the space per child to 3 square metres from 2.5 square metres. Can centres expect to see this change reversed?
  • Clear guidance on managing bubbles, if they are to continue, within centres as the number of children increases
  • Whether Level 3’s key operational detail, including sanitisation, pick-ups and drop offs continue into Level 2?

“Our members have several balls in the air, providing a safe environment for young learners while running a small business.”

“The feedback we’re hearing is that Level 3’s guidance arrived ‘just in time.’ We urge the Ministry of Education to consider these key issues early, to help them plan for Level 2 – not to mention Level 1,” said the ECC CEO Peter Reynolds.

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