​ Questions to the Minister

06 August 2018

At the Auckland ECC conference, delegates had the opportunity to ask the Minister of Education, Hon Chris Hipkins, questions and to present him with their concerns. Wellington and Christchurch conference delegates were asked to put their questions and concerns in writing, to be forwarded to the Minister by the ECC with the reply published in a future issue of Swings & Roundabouts and on our website.

Your Questions:

  • Why not create pathways, e.g. a certificate / diploma and allow a variety of qualifications to count towards the percentage? We are in a shortage, there need to be options!
  • Why are 3rd year students counted towards the 50% registered staff but not toward funding?
  • Why aren’t new graduates counting toward the registered percentage straight away? The eight-week wait is too long!
  • Why doesn’t the government improve bureaucracy between the Ministry, Education Council and NZQA?
  • Why is the government not addressing IELTS and immigration challenges?
  • Why not relax some of the rules while there is a teacher shortage, e.g. the person that can be the Person in Charge?
  • Why can’t a primary-trained teacher be able to be in charge? They are more than capable!
  • Why aren’t you offering teacher refresher courses free of charge to help with the teacher shortage?
  • What happened to the $8m increase in Learning Support / Autism Support in the 2017 Budget? We are not seeing it!
  • Why not allow teachers who are qualified / registered in other countries count towards the legislated percentage while they upgrade to a NZ qualification?
  • Can we ensure funding follows the child with a “special need” so they are not left in limbo between health and education ORS funding (currently if child turns five and stays in ECE then they lose $ support)? This does not support the child, is not child focused but is an outcome of “bad silos”
  • Please separate bulk funding so teachers’ salaries are separate from other funding

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